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We rediscover the authentic flavors of Italy through our Food Italy® products

We select, we value, and we certify products that entirely follow the rules of Food Italy® (made from Italian Raw Materials, produced in Italy, No GMOs)


Made in Italy Products

Hand-picked Selections

Our model promotes the sustainable consumption of Italian products with respect to both consumers and producers. Our selected Food Italy® products encourage a Mediterranean Diet, part of UNESCO’s intangible heritage.

We have optimized our supply chains, making them as short as possible, and therefore, we offer a valuable service to producers and to the territories where they live (various Italian Regions). We encourage active collaboration between agricultural producers, processors, and consumers, enabling dialogue and inspiring curiosity and cooperation.


Made in Italy Products


Agri-food, Italian Style. Across the globe, we promote the Italian Cultural Patrimony through our Food Italy® Products. We bring our food to the rest of the world, linking our products to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We value our products. This includes the producers, their places of origin, and the Italian world-renowned savoir-faire. We mean to be ambassadors of our Cultural Heritage, articulated through our local products.


Made in Italy Products


Our Agri-food products have two core characteristics:

  • Selected Food Italy® products (i.e. selected because they are made of Italian Raw Materials, processed completely in Italy, and contain no GMOs);
  • Certified Food Italy® products (i.e. with the characteristics listed above certified as Food Italy® by a Certification Body CERTIFICATION).

The Founder of Food Italy®

Our large market of selected and certified Food Italy® products

Angelo Freni

CEO & Founder

Our story begins in the heart of Italy. Everything begins with the family who inspired in Freni an ability to render quality into a human resource. This early exposure to excellence lead him to his own drive for a cause and for a mission. His story parallels central elements of Made in Italy: the nuclear family, dedication to work, precise decision-making, affable collaborations, detailed attention to quality, humility in service, and food products that surprise, inspire community, and travel across the globe.

Angelo Freni unites his great expertise of the agri-food sector with his almost 30 years of practical knowledge in certification services. Throughout his celebrated career he has built and consolidated important brands such as KHC (Know How Certification), CERTIFICATION, UNIQUALITY and Food Italy.

An enlightening meeting between the UNIQUALITY President and CODACONS, in 2014, pushed him to consider a new commitment—protecting Consumers—through the defense of true Italian products. The Food Italy © certification project was imagined as an entity certifying Italian excellence, with a focus on small to medium-sized producers who are not valued by large chains. Subsequently, in 2017, Freni launched Food Italy® International, with the aim of bringing to global Consumers, above all Italians living abroad, the best of real products grown or made in Italy.

Angelo Freni

Engineer, businessman by passion, and a proudly Italian professional

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