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Food Italy® is a unique agri-food brand because we only market and sell our selected and certified Food Italy® products (products that are made of Italian raw materials, produced in Italy, and do not contain GMOs), distinguishing ourselves from competitors who market and sell food products that are not Italian. We also sell Italian products that promote a Mediterranean Diet (UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage); the use of UNESCO Italian Heritage Materials; and, exceptional Italian producers. For our clients, this means an unparalleled product guarantee, that the product is truly Italian and abides by Italian food standards, to live la dolce vita with a dietary routine intended to elongate life.

We recover the authentic taste

of Italy through our Food Italy® Products

We individually select our Food Italy® Products. Through our products, we promote: traceability, food security (HACCP), products of Italian origin, traditions at the heart of Italian regions, and sustainability. Our Food Italy® products bring with them an assurance of traceability and responsibility (see CERTIFICATION).

We support agricultural producers and their artisanal culture, through the magic of storytelling, reinforcing a sense of community and belonging. Through this emphasis on artisanal culture we also hope to contribute to the preservation of our territory in which we live (Italy) for future generations (our children and grandchildren). We transform, then, a purchasing moment into a “meeting moment” with Italian products and with producers and their history. Through our brand we continue a significant immaterial ethos: to contribute to the sustainability of our country.

Food Italy® Selections

The reliability of our producers is guaranteed by Food Italy® International, which has hand-picked each producer through an audit of their facilities and face-to-face meetings. For those certified as Food Italy®, their products adhere to our rules (Italian raw materials, manufactured in Italy, and no GMOs) and they are overseen by our CERTIFICATION (International certification body).

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